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About Berkley

Berkley International is a leading packaging company, started in southern California in 2012 as a molded fiber manufacturer. In 2016 we opened our Napa location, a design, distribution and fulfillment facility. We quickly outgrew our first warehouse in Napa. We are recently expanded into a new warehouse in Napa, twice the size of our original facility.

Our expertise in the wine industry comes from our in-house sommelier experience and our passion for helping our clients to serve their customers and achieve their goals.

We start every packaging project by considering the wine and the bottle first. This makes our entire approach to wine packaging unique – and what differentiates us from every other packaging provider.

Our Vision

To offer the best in custom design, packaging and fulfillment solutions for effective presentation of a prized wine.

Our Mission

To be a strategic marketing partner for wineries, to help them grow to the next level, and to help them succeed in their vision.

“We’re very customer driven. Very sales focused.”

Our biggest strength is the people that work with us, and the people that we work for.

We’re committed to this community and employ local residents for fulfillment and distribution services.

Berkley is a family-owned and operated company. We have generations of experience and deep expertise all aspects of packaging from design and marketing to contract packaging, manufacturing, distribution and fulfillment.

Berkley exists to help our customers succeed.

Our Approach

What winery owners, large or small, have in common is their passion for their brand. We partner with wineries to convey that passion through their presentation. We are customer driven and sales focused. Our biggest strengths are our deep knowledge of wine, the people we work with, and the people we work for. Our highest priority is to help our customers achieve their business goals.

Our mission is to help our customers succeed,

to sell more of their product and to deliver on their vision.

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