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Project Description

Wine Totes

Our innovative wine totes allow your tasting room to stand above the rest.

In fact, we’re proud to claim corrugated inserts in canvas bags as our own invention. Canvas bags on their own aren’t usually stable enough on their own to transport wine bottles, especially in the back of a vehicle where bottles can tip over easily. In addition, wine totes tend to be “throwaway” – the customer usually throws the wine tote out soon after visiting the tasting room or winery.

Our design for a canvas bag with a cardboard insert is the perfect solution. It is the first time a wine tote has solved both a transportation issue and a desire to extend the marketing “shelf-life” of the wine tote.

Once the wine has been transported, the customer can remove the corrugated, recyclable insert and retain and reuse the canvas bag.   

We offer plain or printed wine totes in a wide range of materials, with or without inserts. Wine totes are available in canvas, jute, paper, leather, non-woven polypropylene or other materials, in many different sizes and configurations.

We also have a wide range of printing capabilities and can print with as much detail as needed.


Corrugated Carriers, Grocery-style or Euro-style paper bags with rope, cloth or ribbon handles, Canvas bags with corrugated inserts


Canvas, Jute, Paper, Non-Woven Propylene – coated and uncoated, printed or plain


Totes, bags and carriers can be printed and customized in any material

Our canvas and jute bags extend your marketing efforts.

Our canvas wine totes have become a staple for Pangloss Cellars‘ tasting room. Customers love these reusable canvas totes because they’re environmentally friendly and attractive. These wine totes also extend your brand and marketing dollars well beyond the original purchase.

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