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Project Description

Molded fiber shippers. Efficient. Cost-effective. Eco-friendly.

We offer our customers the entire spectrum of molded fiber packaging.

Berkley has in-house manufacturing capabilities to make traditional egg carton style molded fiber, after-pressed fiber as well as thermoformed fiber.

Our domestic, state-of-the-art molded fiber manufacturing plant also gives Berkley the ability to deliver high-impact, premium and sustainable packaging in a timely and cost-effective manner. We are committed to making the packaging solution a strong extension of your brand with every project, reinforcing consumers trust, product security and your company’s environmental commitment.

We start by listening to understand your objectives and requirements. We become your partner, customizing the solution and handling every facet of the project so you can concentrate on your business.

Please visit our molded fiber packaging website for more information on Berkley molded fiber packaging solutions.

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Molded Fiber

We use recycled corrugated to create our molded fiber.

We manufacture our molded fiber inserts in our own southern California production facility. This makes our production and manufacturing of molded fiber packaging extremely efficient and also reduces our carbon footprint.

Multiple configurations and options are available for our molded fiber inserts and packaging.

Molded Fiber Shipper Sizes

Lay-down Molded Fiber Trays Stand-up Molded Fiber Trays Magnum Molded Fiber Trays
1,2,3,4,6,9,12 lay down molded fiber trays 6 & 12 pack stand up molded fiber solutions 1 & 2 bottle magnum molded fiber trays
Berkley Packaging Molded Fiber shipper - horizontal 2-pack p111

Excellent product protection. Customer experience focused.

Molded fiber is the most consumer identifiable packaging medium available that communicates your commitment to the environment without cluttering your marketing messages. People just get it.

Molded fiber is the premier packaging choice for cosmetic appearance, environmental responsibility and safe, reliable transit.

We deliver outstanding molded fiber packaging solutions by coupling state-of-the-art manufacturing with thoughtful and purposeful design.

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