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Project Description

When is a box not just a box?

Packaging design has stayed relatively the same in the wine industry with little innovation for the past few decades.

Typically, when a winery needed packaging, they contacted a standard packaging company and asked what “off-the-shelf” packaging options were available. Wineries generally expected to conform to the packaging company’s standard products, unless they wanted a very expensive custom solution.

Today, with significant improvements in design, printing and packaging technology, we’re able to offer powerful and cost-effective packaging solutions that turn your vision into a reality.


Our clients usually come to us with a general idea of what they want to accomplish – a vision of how they want their wine to be seen and experienced by their customers.

Our in-house sommelier expertise means we truly understand your vision. Our team of in-house designers and packaging engineers can then confidently translate your vision into reality.

Our custom packaging design process is end-to-end – from vision to concept through to design, and from manufacturing and contract packaging to final assembly and delivery. We are a true turnkey operation.


After we’ve created an initial concept based on your vision, we’ll look at which packaging materials are appropriate for your packaging’s design and purpose.

There is a vast array of materials available for custom packaging including wood, thermo-formed plastic, foam, corrugated cardboard, chipboard and other materials as well as many types of substrates.  Substrates are the underlying layer or base material used in packaging to which other layers adhere. Substrates can include vinyl, paper, canvas and cardboard and other types of specialty substrates.

In addition to our in-house expertise, our strong network of expert partners means we can effortlessly extend our capabilities to suit your packaging needs.


“We’re not a “vendor/customer” kind of company. That’s never been who we are. We want to partner with you strategically. We personalize our questions to you, such as…”do you like this style, what don’t you like about it? What would you like to improve? How can we turn this into something that’s more specific to your needs?”


Berkley strives to be the best in custom wine packaging.  We have in-house sommelier expertise which means we truly understand wine and the winery industry.

Our specialized knowledge sets us apart from other packaging suppliers and we keep a laser focus on your specific needs. It also means we know how to partner with you at every step to design, manufacture and deliver on your vision.

We’re here to help you succeed.

Berkley exists to help our customers succeed.

Let’s work together. Tell us more about how we can help you with your packaging needs:

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