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A few years ago, Pangloss Cellars built a new tasting room in Sonoma Plaza called the “Pangloss Cellars Tasting Lounge”. It is a beautifully chic, elegant and modern space, yet completely comfortable and earthy – a true “celebration of Sonoma”.

For their tasting room carry-out bags, Pangloss had a vision to create something different from the norm. At the time, most tasting rooms used carry-out bags made of paper or non-woven polypropylene materials.

Pangloss’ priority was to truly capture the feeling of their brand and their new Tasting Lounge – welcoming, authentic, optimistic and unpretentious.

We started by listening to what they were really trying to accomplish. Pangloss wanted a bag that felt like a farm or vineyard, yet still retained a certain level of elegance. They didn’t want to use non-woven polypropylene because it’s not particularly environmentally friendly. They also preferred to stay away from the standard paper and euro tote bags because they’re more common and they wanted to differentiate themselves from other tasting rooms.

Creative Concept

While paper bags are reusable, the reality is that they aren’t very durable and tend not be re-used very often. Our solution was to design three different bags for Pangloss, all made out of jute. We created a 1-bottle, the 2/3-bottle and a 6-bottle bag. We sized the 1- and 2-bottle bags similarly to the standard paper/euro tote bags since they are standard industry sizes for wine bottles.

We also created an additional burlap 6-bottle bag. We’re also proud to be the creators of the corrugated insert for the 6-bottle bag. We developed this design to have the same type of integrity as the cardboard carrier that most tasting rooms use yet extend the concept to the re-usable jute bag.

Pangloss Canvas Jute Bags Collection


The jute/burlap bag was a huge success from the moment Pangloss began to use it in their tasting room. People were ecstatic about these simple yet elegant bags because they are durable and re-usable. These eco-friendly bags reflect the brand’s commitment to optimism and to celebrating the rustic beauty and earthiness of Sonoma.

The bags are also a common sight in Sonoma and elsewhere, and so are hugely successful in continuously marketing the brand. It’s very common to see Pangloss jute bags in local grocery stores or at the farmers’ market on Tuesday nights in Sonoma. It’s even been sighted at the Oakland airport being used as a carry-on item!

Pangloss is a very busy tasting room in Sonoma. All their wine now leaves the tasting room in these burlap bags. Their customers love and re-use these bags, extending their brand experience and their marketing dollars with those customers and others.

Berkley is able to provide cost-effective packaging solutions because we have direct partnerships and suppliers throughout the world. These partnerships allow us to provide packaging that is competitively priced while using higher-quality materials.


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