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Karen Crouse is the owner of Mount Veeder Magic Vineyards and for the first time, she was going to truly be launching a limited library selection from her own private wine collection. Prior to this exclusive launch, she had been making certain wines for years for a highly curated list of individuals. Over the years, she reserved some of those highly prized vintages and began to offer them to select clientele.

The challenge was to capture in the packaging the vision and sentiment she had for this wine selection – a very exclusive, treasured collection of wine. Karen’s vision was for a packaging solution that, when it arrived, felt like a treasured, luxurious gift. It was important to beautifully present the wine as well as express how special this wine collection was to her. After all, the wine in each of these bottles was essentially a reflection of Karen herself.

Creative Concept

As we started coming up with different ideas, we realized quickly that each concept would eventually result in the packaging being discarded.

Our biggest challenge was to change that outcome.

After brainstorming more ideas and thinking about different materials, wood or corrugated, we created the idea of a wooden “treasure chest”. Since the wine came from Karen’s private cellar, it was indeed a treasured wine.

We then developed this concept and created the Mount Veeder Treasure Chest. On the inside lid of the Treasure Chest, we laser-inscribed a personal note from Karen. Inside the treasure chest itself, we created a foam shipper so ice could be used to keep certain wines chilled if needed. The wine was protected by the foam shipper within the wooden box, which was then closed and sealed. That wooden box was then put into an outer shipper and sent to the customer.

Mount Veeder Magic The Treasure Chest


When the customer received the wine, the experience was phenomenal.

After opening the outer shipment case, the customer discovered another container – an amazing, beautiful wooden Treasure Box.  The unboxing experience was truly unique and Karen’s wine and the Mount Ve.eder winery and brand was powerfully represented.

The Treasure Box transformed the opening of this treasured collection into a memorable occasion. It also shifted the perception of the box from simply a piece of packaging to a valued part of the experience.

The beautiful wood box itself became a treasured piece that would last for an indefinite amount of time, continuing to be kept proudly on display in a client’s home as a sentimental keepsake.

However a client chooses to treasure the Box, Karen’s name and her wine continues to be represented.

A few words from Mount Veeder…

“I worked with Berkley International to create a one-of-a-kind wood chest for a short list of clients and friends.  This chest had to be perfect in every way.

Joe and the entire Berkley Box Team were extremely attentive and professional.  Every person involved in each of the elements and stages were fully engaged and collaborative.  They treated me like it I was their only client and this project was theirs.

The design and production of the wood chest went flawlessly.  The finished product is something that I am proud to put my name on.  Berkley Box is an excellent partner and I will be working with them indefinitely.”

Thank you!



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