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B Cellars has become an incredible client and partner for Berkley. Our initial packaging projects for B Cellars were designing and creating their gift boxes and cookie boxes. Their chef wanted to make cookies so they could give cookies to people when they first come to the winery.

We started working with B Cellars by first helping them to think about their marketing vision – what they really wanted in their brand and how they presented themselves to their customers. Using specialty inks and working with some of our partners, we created a small vibrant red cookie box that’s like their wine gift box.

We were able to faithfully reproduce the brilliant red of their brand and logo in a highly impactful way on these boxes, authentically and beautifully representing their brand. The colorful little cookie box had a huge impact – a delightful small pleasure and an elegant way to say “remember us”.

Creative Concept

Over time, we have grown the partnership and produced a huge array of packaging items for them. One of the most unique items they now have is what they call their “Happy Box”.

The Happy Box is their wine shipper – and in general, when a wine shipper gets to its destination, the outside of the box isn’t always in the best condition.

Our solution was to turn the box “inside out”.  Their brand colors are white and red so we printed the inside of the box with the B Cellars branding and bright colors, red and white.

We were also able to use bright white coated stock and print B Cellars’ bright red brand colors directly onto the stock.

Mount Veeder The Treasure Chest


Our goal was to create an impactful, exciting experience when a B Cellars’ customer opens up their wine shipment at home.  When this box is opened, you get a blast of bright vibrant red and white color. It’s delightfully unexpected and evokes a sense of energy and joy, and so they named it “The Happy Box”.

“What we did for B Cellars was to really listen to what they were trying to accomplish and then get creative by flipping that box inside out. Using coated stock also allowed us to have a certain vibrancy of color. Other packaging companies were offering dull white boxes with dull red colors and it didn’t do anything for them. Since we know our partners’ range of capabilities, we were very open to creative ideas.”  – Joe Taber.

B Cellars loves the Happy Box because it represents them and their brand so faithfully.

The result? A very happy client and we quickly became B Cellars’ sole supplier for packaging.

Our job is to execute on our clients’ visions and to create the tools they need to sell their products. We do that by becoming their partner in all things packaging – and B Cellars is a great example of that.

A few words from B Cellars…

“Berkley Packaging is unmatched in it’s field! We initially looked at other products/companies for a custom design that would truly represent the B Cellars brand. However, none of them provided the level of service or creativity that Berkley Packaging did. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to take their brand to the next level. ”



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